What ages can the children be to do lessons?

I aim the lessons from 9-12 years of age. This is an age they are more aware of danger with the use of the sewing machine

I can also do teenage classes with a group of teens

What is the minimum needed to have a class?

It needs to be a class of 3 to go ahead.

What payments do you accept?

I normally ask for a bank deposit or PayPal ( but I am having a  few issues with my site so it’s not working at the moment). Until it is fixed a bank deposit with reference: child’s name and surname

What happens if my child is Sick?

We would try fit them in with another class ( to make it up ) it best to try to make it up before the next week if possible otherwise they are left far behind.   We would try our best to facilitate something that benefits the child.

Where are the classes held?


What do I need to bring to class

I ask to bring a bottle of water and if we do a personal item like a skirt then I may ask to bring some fabric.  Otherwise, everything else is provided.